Specialised Postmaster's Degree


At ECAM-EPMI you can obtain a one-year Specialised Postmaster, giving you a very high level of scientific, technological and managerial expertise in digital and hybrid technology used in CCTV systems and urban and industrial remote management.


Understanding the technologies and sciences inherent in digital security and distributed intelligence in three main areas:

  • CCTV protection of industrial and sensitive sites
  • Home automation and remote tasks for urban and industrial zones
  • Optimised building and smart infrastructure management

A course taught by professionals in the sector:

Keeping pace with continuous innovations, the fields taught in this specialised Postmaster course give rise to and ensure the success of numerous high value added technological applications, generating highly qualified jobs. Our industry partners – builders, integrators, installers and operators – have joined forces to develop and implement a course to train specialised executives.

More than two job offers per graduate !

There are more than enough jobs for the 300 graduates and Masters engineers who qualify each year. In addition to this high demand, our courses:

  • Accelerate your career
  • Help you rapidly reach management roles with an average salary of €40,000
  • Are based on an industry climate with strong, ongoing needs
  • Involve a strong international dimension (growing demand in Europe, Asia and emerging countries)