A message from the Director


Brought into being by four renowned industrial groups (EDF, Philips, PSA and Schneider), ECAM-EPMI trains field engineers to an extremely high level of scientific and managerial skill. The courses we offer have been developed to closely meet the needs and challenges of the economy. ECAM-EPMI’s industrial connections are not merely superficial; they are deeply and organically rooted in tradition.

Companies which recruit our graduates appreciate their professionalism, pragmatism and ability to cope with the unexpected. Their general education, based on the trio of science, technology and management, fosters open minds, an engineering culture and personal achievement.

If you study at ECAM-EPMI, you will enjoy a unique opportunity to experience an exciting, crucial period for your future career.

« Make your life a dream, and the dream a reality. » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our goal is to help you live your dream, develop, achieve your potential and fully assert yourself by promoting your individuality and uncovering your talents.

By studying with us, you choose an education that stands out from the rest and promotes operational excellence, project-based learning and group work.

We do not simply train engineers: we train men and women with enormous potential, who are highly valued by companies for their people skills and professional abilities.

ECAM-EPMI is more than just a graduate engineering school ; it is a big family where each individual’s skills contribute to the success of all.