Our Graduate School of Engineering ECAM-EPMI offers you in 3 or 5 years after the baccalaureate (end of high school)according to your level, a scientific and managerial training of very high level allowing you to obtain the engineering degree of ECAM-EPMI recognized by the French State, the CTI and professionals.      

ECAM-EPMI welcomes candidates from the following fields: 

  • Scientific, Economic and Social, Technological, Industrial
  • Preparatory classes for the Graduate Schools (Grande Ecole)
  • University Undergraduate degree
  • University Graduate Degree / Master

How to apply

First of all, it is necessary that you start with a training in the French language if you do not speak the language yet, as most of our courses are in French! A level of B1-B2 is required.

If you are French-speaking, you can apply through Campus France (Etudes en France platform) from year 1 to year 4.

For non-French speaking, you can apply for year 1 and year 4 through the « n+i » Network. They offer training in French with different packages so you are prepared before starting your studies with us.

For others you can apply through our internal admission form. According to your level we will get in touch with you to discuss what would be the best possible solution for you.

FEES 2020-2021

  • Preparatory years: 5200 € / year 
  • General Engineering cycle: 7900 € / year 
  • Apprenticeship Engineering cycle (cost of training supported by the employer) – not open to students who just arrive in France.

For further information on admissions to ECAM-EPMI, please contact the International Service: and the Admissions Office:


All students in the 1st year preparatory (1AP) to the 2nd year engineer (2AE) have an equivalence with the University of Cergy-Pontoise, which allows them to validate in addition to their engineering degree, Undergraduate Degree « Licence 3 EEA » (Electronics, Electrical, Automation) and the Master 1 EEA (Electronics, Electrical, Automation). The equivalence registration is done at ECAM-EPMI. 

The 2019-2020 tuition fees are 170 € / year for the Licence and 243 € for the year of Master 1. The fees are the same for international students.