Campus life


Cergy-Pontoise: the place to be!

In terms of leisure and culture, Cergy is a town that offers a wide range of extracurricular activities – more than enough to help you unwind and keep you occupied in your free time.


A large number of document centres and libraries, museums, an auditorium, theatres, music centres, performance halls and a music conservatory.

Sport :

There are over 200 sporting associations and, for fans of water sports, the Cergy leisure centre offers sailing, water skiing, kayaking/canoeing, rafting and more.

Leisure :

Two large cinema complexes, a bowling alley, laser tag, paint ball, karting, billiards, a climbing wall, several pubs and night clubs in Cergy and surrounding towns, three shopping centres, skating rinks, swimming pools and, opening soon, « L’Aren’Ice » (multifunctional sports facility). With two ice-skating rinks, this will be the new home of the French Ice Hockey Federation, which is moving its national headquarters there.


France’s famous « Resto U » canteens are open Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays for lunch. In and around the town, you will find more than a hundred restaurants of all kinds (French crêpes, Asian, Indian, Greek and Italian cuisine, and more), particularly in the « Les 3 Fontaines » shopping centre, 5 minutes from the school.