Program in General Engineering


« The essence of engineering practice consists in setting and solving often complex problems related to the design, development and use of products, systems and services. To do this, an engineer requires technical, economic, social and human knowledge built on a sound scientific culture. » Definition from CTI-France

ECAM-EPMI gives you the means to become a general engineer with a course that covers a broad range of valuable knowledge and skills, and leads to an engineering degree recognized by both the French government and the CTI.

By choosing the General Engineering course at ECAM-EPMI, you will launch yourself into an exciting future in an ever-changing world full of opportunities. Our engineering courses have been designed to ensure that you become an executive with a wide spectrum of skills.

ECAM-EPMI focuses on the « field engineer » profile, which is much in demand with companies. The school’s goal is to maximise your employability by structuring the courses to mirror changes in industry needs and professions as closely as possible.

Our programs are delivered in French except a few courses in the last-year specialties, so be aware of that!

Our course: general…

During the first two years of your engineering course, you will study the core scientific and technical curriculum to a very high level, including science, electrical engineering, computer sciences, automation and management. What you learn is then reinforced by a six-month internship with a company, two industrial projects and a number of seminars on business management.

… and professional

The final year is entirely dedicated to teaching six specialisations in cutting-edge sectors:


  • EVF: Energy and cities of the future
  • ISE: Electrical systems engineering 


  • MPI: Industrial automation and mechatronics
  • LGA: Logistics and industrial purchasing

IT & Services

  • RSI: Intelligent Networks & Systems /!\ NEW! From September 2021, the program of this specialty will be updated and it will be called RSI: Intelligent Information Systems’ Network.
  • MSI: Information system management and financial engineering

Project-based learning

A cornerstone of any « Arts and Professions » course, projects immerse you in an active learning situation and enable you to draw on your scientific and technological knowledge while learning new things.

Throughout your course, these projects will help you consolidate your technological, management and relationship skills while providing concrete challenges, in the form of projects with companies – meaning that you contribute to the development of technological innovations – or with student associations and extracurricular groups.